Horseback Riding


Only calm and well-trained horses are used for our riding classes, nevertheless it is important to realize that working with a living creature always poses a certain risk. Despite all our efforts, we never have complete control over our environment and the reaction of our horses.  It is truly necessary to judge honestly your health and physical condition, not to overestimate your abilities, and to react well to the instructions of your trainer. People are closely bonded with horses for over 5000 years, and despite the risks, there is nothing more natural than riding in harmony with your horse and the view from horseback.


Learning to Ride

Our main objective from your first hours in a saddle is to establish a correct independent seat, which is absolutely essential for correct riding. The main foundation of a correct seat is a relaxed and well-balanced position for the rider. This is important for the correct way of controlling your horse and simply staying in the saddle, because you do not ‘hold on‘ by holding the reins or squeezing your shanks. 

The first lesson usually happens by being lunged and working through exercises without the need to worry about leading the horse. Gradually, riders will learn basic ways to control the horse, how to change directions, and how to master the gaits (walk, trot, and canter).

We offer training for adults and children. For teaching children, we have our calm and obedient welsh ponies (up to the rider’s weight of 50kg).  Horseback riding is recommended by doctors as excellent rehabilitation for a number of ailments; however, if you have physical problems, please make sure you consult your doctor before choosing this recreational sport. This hobby is not only good for your physical and mental well being, it also encourages you to think and work with your horse in a partnership and to be aware of the pairs of horses and their riders around you. For children it is particularly beneficial to learn how to care for the horse, and to learn from a young age to be respectful of your surroundings. An optimal age to begin learning horseback-riding is 6 – 7 years (school age) but children can start getting used to the horseback much earlier.


Riding in the countryside

Our horseback riding tours are always lead by our experienced staff, who know the local terrain and trails and also the behavior and character of our horses. In addition, your leader has extensive riding experience.

Venturing out on horseback is meant for those riders who want to enjoy the natural beauty of the local forests, fields and meadows, and the natural variety of our nature-protected region.

We can organize tours for complete beginners. Children must have good experience in riding before venturing out.


A walk with a pony

For the youngest riders (from 3-7 years) we offer pony rental to the parents/guardian, who can take their kids for a walk on the pony to the Chapel At Three Hornbeams.

If a parent is afraid to lead the pony on his/her own and would like someone to come along, we can arrange for it for a fee (see our rates).