General Rules


1.1. The general rules apply to all visitors, trained riders and customers going horseback riding or walking with a pony.

The general rules numbered 2., 3., 4., 5., and 6. do not apply to owners of stabled horses and their company.


2. The premises

2.1. Free movement of visitors and riders is not allowed without prior permission and further it is forbidden to:

2.1.1. enter a corral

2.1.2. enter a stall

2.1.3. enter a hayloft or feed storage area, and the garage or other employee only facilities.

2.1.4. enter a riding arena whether or not it is occupied

2.1.5. manipulate any equipment, machine, or any gate including the entrance gate

2.2. It is forbidden to leave personal belongings outside the designated area

2.3. Valuables need to be kept with the manager

2.4. Always keep calm when working with horses or around them; do not run, scream, spook the horses, and do not feed the horses without the horse owner’s permission.


3. The Riding Arena and the Round Pen

3.1. During their training in the riding arena or round pen, riders:

            3.1.1. Are not allowed to leave the training area with the horses

3.1.2. Are not allowed to horseback ride without a saddle or bridle, unless it is a part of the training

            3.1.3. Must precisely complete the instructor’s commands.


4. Riding in the countryside

4.1. Inform staff in advance about your preference regarding the duration of your ride and trail (during booking).

4.2. Riding in the countryside is always managed by a Group Leader.

4.3. Every participant has to follow the instructions of the Group Leader

4.4. The countryside ride will go on if the weather is good enough, which only the Group Leader may decide, the weather may change during the ride.

4.6. Every participant has to inform the Group Leader about:

4.6.1. Health condition

4.6.1. Subjectively assessed level of experience in horseback riding           


5. Walk with a pony

5.1. Before you take a pony out unsupervised you will be instructed how to lead the pony (on it‘s left side, by your right hand)

5.2. Without the presence of a staff member you can only walk with the pony (other gates are not allowed)

5.3. It is safe to walk on forest roads and meadows.

5.4. You are forbidden to enter a road with any traffic

5.5. You are not allowed to enter the forest or agricultural fields

5.6. The child’s parent/guardian is responsible for the correct/safe sitting of the child

5.7. The customer has to watch the pony during the whole walk and keep it on a lead

5.8. If necessary, you can tie the pony for a while, but never leave him unattended

5.9. Customer is responsible for the pony’s safety except if pony is harmed due to unforeseen circumstances despite complying completely with our instructions/rules.


6. Safety

6.1. During all horseback riding activities it is required to wear a safety helmet

6.2. During all horseback riding activities it is necessary to wear snug shoes (the shoe cannot be too wide to risk getting caught in the stirrup; it should have a small heel).

6.3. It is recommended to wear a body protector if riding in the countryside.

6.4. It is recommended to wear appropriate clothing (long pants without thick seams on the inner leg)

6.5. In case of any problems with the horses and functioning of the stables call immediately +420 776 126 481



7. All riders are recommended to have appropriate insurance. All the activities around stables are voluntary and done at the user‘s own risk.


8. Stable rules

8.1. All users of our stables have to comply with the information and instructions of the stable‘s employees which are related to the safe daily running of the Ranch Kotva.

8.2. Smoking is forbidden in all areas of the stables with the exception of the terrace, or you will be fined CZK100,-

8.3. All users are required to keep our common areas clean (do not wash horse-tack, shoes and so on in our wash room – for heavy duty washing please use the designated area only, do not leave dirty dishes around etc.) 

8.4. All users are allowed to use only designated forest roads and trails. It is forbidden to ride into young trees, bushes, crops and so on.

8.5. All users are required to conserve water and electricity.

8.6. Last user of the common areas is required to lock up – mainly the tack room - and check if all electronic devices and lights are off.